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Acrylic Paint

I bought these paints for a Tik Tok trend where you paint on glass that my cousin wanted to do during the lockdown. While I am no expert I do believe these are not top quality but they work. I enjoyed being able to create something more organic and a little messy.

My mind after Everything Everywhere All at Once: Chaos

12 x 8 in.

I had the pleasure of going to the movies (U-District AMC) to see Everything, Everywhere, All at Once with basically everyone in VCD and it was great. I think this was one of my favorite movies I have ever seen and certainly worth going to see on the big screen. I also shared a large popcorn and diet coke with Abby.

the views from the VCD couch
as I laid there trying to
process what I had just

I also did not have any photos to document my heart-to-heart with Ashley T and Dustin at Don’t Yell At Me. It was truly a reflective time where I realized just how far everyone in the program has come. I am truly so fortunate to have met my peers and am so proud of all the opportunities they’re receiving as a reward for their immense hard work.