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Watercolor Pencils

These IKEA color pencils were so fun to use and the pigment was buildable and bright. The best $3 I've ever spent considering that they came with a mini paintbrush and sharpener. They are the best rediscovery and now live in my treasured Pusheen pencil pouch.

Waffles + Toppings
4.5 x 2.5 in.

Waffle Senior Brunch! What else is there to say?Okay, I’ll explain this is an event organized by a group of VCDers during the first week of our final quarter. It was nice to see people from some of the other design majors join. I was ambitious and thought that there would be other events like this [see notes below] but unfortunately, that did not happen. I enjoyed this piece and did multiple practices before this. I feel like this is something that one could consider art, abstract art.

posing with waffles  
prepping + BTS

Meow ._.