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Embroidery Thread

I feel like a broken record at this point in this infinite scroll, but... this embroidery thread was also intended for a sewn binding in my Regreso a Casa Publication at the beginning of this school year. Yet another abandoned material in the collection. When I was younger like 7 or 8 my mom was teaching me to embroider tortilla cloths, however, that experience did not help at all. I think this may have been the most time-consuming material exploration, considering I restarted twice.

The Shroom Sleeve
6 x 6 in.

Seeing my first mushroom on campus this year after a celebratory dinner with Ashley after my isolation was over. We also looked around the University Bookstore magazine section and got TP tea. Spotting location next to The Burke on our way to the studio from 45th Ave.

my inspiration :)